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Great Rann of Kutch is One Of Its Kind places. It is the world largest salt desert, measuring over 7505 Sqkm. What makes it more amazing is the fact that for about it is underwater during the main monsoon season in India and for the remaining eight months of the year it is an enormous stretch of packed white salt.
This area is been residing by Kutchi People.

Kutch Rann Utsav: The ultimate fiesta is a three months long jollification of rich culture, life, tradition, art, folklore, and heritage of Kutch and of Gujarat. People from all over the world gather here to site, experience and treasure the glory, grace and elegance of this place. The site offers the visitors an indelible experience, diverse tradition, generosity, and hospitality of Kutch people.
The magnificent beauty of “White Desert” is the centre of attraction, especially; a moment of pure bliss at the time of sunset in white desert is one of the best experiences ever. Great Rann of Kutch- We could imagine only the sea of salt after hearing about Rann of Kutch but the stunning and unique place is more than the desert of salt. Folk textiles, Bandhani Sarees, traditional and conventional ornaments, mirror worked fabric, Jewellery, exquisite embroidery are some of the specialities of Kutch, Gujarat. Rann Utsav is held at the extremity of the white desert..

The impression of White desert/ Experiencing the white desert is very enticing. A night under the stars in a white desert is an experience never forgotten. As the sky turns red then deepest fiery orange, the land-views fade and silence is all around. Sitting in a serene ambience around a small fire and enjoying the simplest Gujarati meal, you will feel like nothing has ever tasted so good.

The world’s largest salt marsh is a land of complete isolation, delusion and of an incredible annual fair (Rann Utsav).

The full moon night revives the century-old traditional music, dance, and traditional vocal art, an experience worth a lifetime- astoundingly beautiful. If the moon is near full, the white desert and its surrounding sparkles with bright stars and there is no need for artificial light. The white chalk landscape is known for its spectacular scenery. The brilliant panorama of the white desert is thrust up from the surface of the desert, intensified by the clear light of the moon, shimmering gold at sunset or black end and shrunken in a cloud- filled day. The silence is immense and there is a feeling of unreality as through walking on the surface of Moon. A white desert is a place that that is very hard to leave. It’s truly a magical experience.

One of the largest wetlands of the world, The Little Rann of Kutch, becomes a shelter for the migratory birds. A safari through the Wild Ass Sanctuary in the Little Rann of Kutch in North West Gujarat gives an enchanting experience to the visitor. Visit the Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary to spot the great bustard deer, flamingos, Vulture, Eagle, Pelicans, Spoonbill, Ducks, Harrier and more. During the winter, about 300 species of birds are spotted in this region.

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